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  • 19th August
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  • 16th August
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Friday Favorites

I have discovered two new products that I am not sure how I ever lived without!  

Califia Farms pure Iced Coffee- I have tried the espresso and cafe latte and they both are amazing. The best part they are only about $5 at Whole Foods Market. That is the price of two iced coffees at Starbucks! 

Kale Krunch- I was starting to crave potato chips, and that was all I could think about! Thank god, I discovered these little gems. They are not cheap, but they did satisfied my craving. 

  • 6th August
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Oops, it’s been too long.

It’s been a few weeks, but now I finally have a few extra minutes to blog.

My 24-Day Advocare Challenge went great, I lost almost ten pounds! Not only did I loose the weight, but I really did feel great.

However, about a day later Hunter and I flew home to Tampa. The first night I did well, limiting myself to one drink at the bar and splitting a dinner with my mother.

After the first night though, it all went down hill. I couldn’t resist the artichoke dip at my sisters baby shower, or the grouper sandwich at one of my favorite restaurants.

About a week after I got back home, I finally got the courage to weigh myself again. Sure enough, I gained back 5lbs. Since then I have maintained the same weight.

I worked seven days in a row and held seven events in six days. With such a busy schedule it was hard to keep eating healthy. I had no prep time and it was so convenient to grab a slice of pizza between task.

Now that things have (somewhat) returned to a normal schedule, I have been trying out different juices.

One benefit of working at Whole Foods is that I am up-to-date with all the deals and coupons. Which is a good thing since the cold-pressed juices range from $4-$9 a bottle.

I’ve been drinking the juices as snacks during the day and limiting my lunch to a salad.

Hopefully soon, I will feel ready to do a one-day juice cleanse.

  • 7th July
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Two Week Update

Today marks two weeks of my Advocare Challenge! I have lost 5 lbs and I haven’t measured how many inches. 

I started the second phase and it’s been going pretty well. I have a lot more energy than I did when I was on the cleanse. This has allowed me to workout more than I was before. 

Every morning starts with the Meal replacement Shake, which I am not a big fan of. It is thick and just not very yummy. I have tried to add different fruits, blueberries, peaches, etc. So far the best blend is with Banana’s. 

Hunter and I both had off the other day for the first time in weeks. It is crazy how much of what we do revolves around food. I didn’t want to go to the fair, because all the fried food would be too tempting or go bowling and watch everyone drink beer. We ended up going out to a late lunch at a Mexican restaurant. All the chips and cheese were very tempting, but I resisted. 

I ordered Chicken Fajita’s and skipped on the flour tortillas, cheese and sour cream. I only ate half of my meal and saved the rest for a salad the next day. 

It was my first time going out to eat during the challenge. I think I rather just continue to cook at home so I am not as tempted to cheat. 

  • 2nd July
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Advocare 3-9

As you can see, I’ve been a little busy and haven’t been able to update everyday. 

Getting out of bed early enough to get everything ready is still a challenge. As soon as I make it out of bed to make my Spark energy drink I am good. 

The other day I bought a Green Pan and it is AMAZING. It is a safe, nontoxic, nonstick pan. You do not need to grease the pan at all. I have been making scrambled eggs and veggies without feeling guilty about adding butter or olive oil. I highly recommend the Green Pan for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Since I normally feel like there is not enough hours in the day, I did some meal prep on my day off. I boiled some chicken breast to avoid adding an extra oils. When it was done I pulled the chicken apart and used it for a few different meals. 

I had the weekend off so I made the three hour drive down to Indy to visit a sorority sister. On the way I stopped at Panera and order a half of a classic salad and topped it with the chicken that I made. 

Another day I was really craving Mexican food. So I put together a Mexican Lettuce Wrap. I used Romaine Lettuce, the pulled chicken, salsa, guacamole and green peppers. It turned out pretty well and satisfied my craving.  

My sorority sister and I are doing the cleanse phase together, so while I was visiting we swapped a few ideas. One thing she turned me on too was green peppers and hummus. I love hummus, but I did not want to eat it with chips or bread. I am not a big fan of carrots, and I just don’t like eating hummus with celery. I never thought beyond that until she mentioned green peppers. 

As soon as I got home and picked up some Organic Green Peppers and Spicy hummus and have been snacking on it every since. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the cleanse phase. I am kind of excited for the meal replacement shake, because it will save me a few minutes in the morning. I plan on different fruits to mix it up and give it some flavor.

Wish me luck on the next phase!  


  • 24th June
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Advocare Day Two

Today was a little more difficult than day one. I think this was mostly because I cannot find my Whole Foods discount card! Since I did not have my card, I did not snack at all today. Hunter came up to the store and bought lunch for us both. I tried one of the Health Starts Here soups, but I wasn’t a fan so I didn’t eat much. 

This morning I with the advice of my friend Kelly, I mixed  the fiber drink with orange juice and chugged it. It did go down a lot easier than day one. I do not mind the taste as much as I mind the texture of the drink. I can’t wait till that part of the cleanse is over. 

Since my discount card is missing, I plan on waking up earlier tomorrow to make lunch and pack snacks. As I mentioned, I am not a morning person. So we will see how it goes..

  • 23rd June
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Advocare Day One

Today I started the first day of the Advocare 24-day challenge! Day one of the cleanse was a breeze, but I am sure it will get tougher as it goes on. I know one of the biggest challenges is going to be getting up everyone in time to make breakfast, the spark energy drink and the fiber drink. I am not a morning person, at all. I normally roll out of bed, barely apply make-up and head to work without coffee, breakfast or anything. 

To save me some time in the morning I prepared some breakfast ahead of time. I made mini egg muffins that I wrapped and put in the freezer for when I need them. 

Not only was it super simple to make, but it is pretty yummy too! 

I am horrible at following exact recipes, but basically this is how I made them.. 

Mini Egg Muffins 


4 eggs 

4 egg whites 

1 roasted red pepper from the olive bar at Whole Foods Market (chopped)

4 sun dried tomatoes from the olive bar at Whole Foods Market (chopped)

some chopped Kale 

some chopped Green Onions 

A few shakes of garlic powder 

Salt and pepper to taste


So Easy! Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Just mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Pour the mix in greased mini muffin pan. Bake until cooked (mine took about 15 minutes). 

Let cool. 

I put a few in the fridge for the next morning, then wrapped the rest in pairs to freeze. 

  • 13th June
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Over the past few months, I am been eating healthier and trying to focus on eating a cleaner diet. I have also tried to commit to working out at least three time a week. However, after working, cleaning the apartment and entertaining the guest Hunter and I have had, it’s been rough. I have a few friends who have tried the program Advocare. They all lost weight doing the 24-day challenge, but it also helped them make a life style change after the challenge ended. The last few weeks I have been debating giving Advocare a try. My main concern was the price- retail price is $190.Last night, I gave in and order the 24-day challenge.  One of my friends is a distributor so I used her number for a 25 percent discount. 

The 24-day Challenge should be here by the 19th. I will be posting keeping track of my progress.

Until it arrives, I am starting to do 15 minute yoga sessions twice a day and eating at least two “clean” meals a day. 

To learn more about the 24-day challenge you can visit the website-

  • 14th May
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  • 14th May
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